Are Your Children Studying Really Well

Are Your Children Studying Really Well

It is obvious that a children’s ministry needs children to be considered effective. One way to bring children into your ministry is to put on an event for the community that will attract children and their families. Such events can include a summer vacation bible school, a children’s concert, carnival, or family fun day. When you do set up a children’s outreach event at your church, you will need to take the proper steps to make the public aware of your event. Consider putting up banners on the street and engaging in a direct mail campaign. Another way to implement church marketing event’s is to print flyers and have volunteers distribute them to the local neighborhoods and it never hurts to utilize local media such as radio and newspaper to advertise. Hopefully, these ideas and tips will have you on your way to establishing an effective and successful children’s ministry in your church.

It is predicted by health experts that due to our children’s poor diet and lack of exercise their own parents will be outliving them. This is a scary thought, is it not. The most exercise many children get is getting out of bed! Many spend their leisure time in front of a computer or games console. School sports are non existent in many schools due the ethos of everyone having to be a winner. Competition in sports is bad because someone must lose. Many school playing fields have been sold off by local councils to developers. How short sighted!

Over time, parents may shift from the category of being a “dictator” to a “friend” and so on. Just make sure you start adopting leniency at the appropriate age, during that time when a child starts to mature mentally and emotionally. But while children need your care, support, and most especially your guidance, make sure you act like a parent, not just a friend.

As the number of obese and overweight children in the United States continues to climb, fitness is a consideration that weighs heavily on the minds of parents, caretakers and teachers. The risk of health issues accompanying obesity among children provokes many fears that unless parents and children make significant changes in the lifestyles inhabited by our kids, diabetes, heart disease, and other weight related conditions have the potential to run rampant among American youth.

Although encouraging a healthy lifestyle, among children, that includes physical activity and fitness is vital to addressing issues associated with health problems and obesity, the addition of kid9;s fitness can also promote a lifelong love. Fitness not only encourages physical activity, keeping weight and accompanying conditions at bay, it also helps protect children from injuries that can occur when they are not accustomed to physical activity, movement and sports. Most injuries that plague children completing physical activities occur as a result of a lifestyle that lacks movement and activity that can provide balance, coordination and muscle memory necessary for a fit lifestyle.

How do you react to his ‘mischief’? Children are children. We often lose our patience when they act their age. But little do we realize that our repeated remarks like ‘every time you go out, you create a fuss for having something or the other’ or ‘you are such a stubborn child’ can make the child feel guilty of being a ‘trouble maker’. As a result he may become conscious of his actions and gradually stop expressing himself.

There are many great board games and interactive games to play with children that enhance the creative energy and create positive influences. Parking the child in front of the television is a poor choice for a number of reasons, the least of which is that television is a one way medium and does not encourage any creative or critical thinking on behalf of the child. If television is a must, the parent should watch television with the child so as to provide some sort of platform for genuine interaction.